Structure Inspection

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The inspection services proposed by AIR MARINE aim to provide relevant data to increase the durability of the structures. The capture by drone, the treatment and the valorization of the data are at the heart of the services proposed by AIR MARINE.

Technical means

Endurance 15 – 20 min
PayLoad 600 g
Speed max 16 m/s
Category D
Scenario S1, S2, S3

Endurance 35 – 40 min
PayLoad 1,2 kg
Speed 15 m/s
Category E
Scenario S1, S2
Endurance 10 min
Weight 0,7 kg
Speed 9 m/s
Scenario S1, S2

Système Sol

Station Sol Return video
Flight data/span>
MDCOCKPIT Automatic flight plan


Type Ultra compact
Captor size 35,9 x 24 mm
Pixels 36,8 MP


Type Hybride compact
Captor size 24 X 36 mm
Pixels 24 MP

Software Suite

AIR MARINE uses drone metadata processing software to reposition the captured data.


AIR MARINE uses proprietary 3D photogrammetry and modeling software to provide fault mapping and measurements associated with each of them.

Delivery interface

The data is made available via exclusively developed interfaces. These provide access to deliverables in a simple and intuitive way.

Human resources

The drone department’s remote pilots rely on the company’s knowledge of flying operations. As with the airplane department, the composition of the teams is a balance between former military pilots and pilots or experts in the civilian world. This complementarity of experiences ensures the safe conduct of operations and successful planning.

Flow of operations

1. Planning

The missions are planned several months in advance to ensure the availability of man and machine. Flight plans are designed in advance.

2. Acquisition of data

The data is acquired by the pilots. Quality control is done in the field.
Customers can have real-time access to raw data.

3. Processing and delivery

The data is processed and valued. The customer receives the data that is useful for the exploitation. Delivery is made on a dedicated, secure and ergonomic interface.


Deliverable Content
Intervetion report Analysis of the conduct of operations
Raw files Raw data set, vision of defects smaller than a milimeter
Positioning raw data the structure Positioning the data on a general view / diagram or plan of the structure
Defect mapping 3D processing for mapping and measurement of defects with  centimeter accuracy
Interpretation of data Full report with interpretation by a qualified expert

High resolution photos


Defect mapping

Inspection report


The anomalies are geo-referenced.


The photos are high resolution.
The capture of photos makes it possible to ensure the traceability of the investigations and to make chronological comparisons.



The drone makes it possible to carry out investigations without resorting to heavy means such as nacelles, scaffolding or other complex infrastructures.


The drone safely accesses dangerous areas for man.