Solar Pannel Inspection

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AIR MARINE provides inspection solutions for photovoltaic power plants via a mission system specially developed for this type of intervention.

Technical Means

Endurance 15 – 20 min
Payload 800 g
Speed 8 m/s
View 360°
Scenario S1, S2, S3

Endurance 35 – 40 min
Payload 1,2 kg
Speed 15 m/s
Category E
Scenario S1, S2

The activity can also be done by plane depending on the surfaces to be treated

Flir Vue Pro R  640

Sensor type Imageur thermique
Pixel size 17 μm
Spectral band 7,5 – 13,5 μm
Focal lenght 13 mm
Precision ± 2°C
Temperature measurement -40°C à 550°C
Capture d’écran 2015-09-08 à 11.22.44

Software Suite

SOLAR INSPECTOR : software for automating the geolocation of hot spots.

PIX4D MAPPER : photogrammetry software for mapping plant and modules.

Human resources

The drone department’s remote pilots rely on the company’s knowledge of flying operations. As with the airplane department, the composition of the teams is a balance between former military pilots and pilots or experts in the civilian world. This complementarity of experiences ensures the safe conduct of operations and successful planning.

Flow of operations

1. Planning

The flight plan is prepared very carefully according to customer expectations and operational conditions, according to an unyielding standard.

2. Acquisition of data

The acquisition is done with infrared sensor in automatic or manual mode. It carries out absolute measurements of temperature.

3. Processing and delivery

Using the SOLAR INSPECTOR software, anomalies are detected and analyzed by the business expert who submits a report.


Deliverable Content
Intervention Analysis of the conduct of operations
Digital files data Recorded video stream and georeferencing
Analysis and post-processing Hot spot inspection/location report and temperanture measurement

Locating defects

Hot spot

Inspection report


The drone vector gives evolution flexibility.


The shots are made in a comprehensive way.



These missions make it possible to improve plant yields. Drone diagnosis is particularly suitable for large installations. This diagnosis can in some cases prevent fires.


The drone safely accesses dangerous areas for humans.