Our missions

AIR MARINE covers a broad spectrum of air missions.
We are always looking for the best technical solutions by drone or plane to meet the expectations of our customers.

The monitoring of linear networks (pipelines, railways or electric, rivers, borders …) is now carried out by plane. It will be also by drone in the near future.

Our surveying and cartography work is done from aerial photos or “LIDAR” captures. The carrier – drone or aircraft – is chosen according to the volume to be treated and the resolution desired by the customer. Our in-house mapping geomaticians rely on expert surveyors when certification is required.

Our inspections of specific works (dams, water towers, wind turbines, factories …) are made from professional drones whose operational capacities are boosted by the developments resulting from our R & D work. Our in-house interpreter inspectors rely on specialized organizations when certification is required.

Our research of hot spots on electrical installation and our thermal balances come from captures by drones or planes, according to the volume to be treated and the resolution desired by the customer. Our in-house cartographic thermists rely on licensed experts when certification is required. We have a very advanced technology resulting from part of R & D work or acquired from the most efficient suppliers.

Description to come

Zone surveillance, intrusion detection and target tracking are carried out by drone or airplane depending on the context and applicable regulations.

We map soils, establish recommendations for modulation of nitrogen using captures from drones or aircraft according to the volumes to be treated.

We perform target towing missions or faceplates for aerial detection radar calibration. We have developed a towing device equipped with a winch that allows missions to be carried out safely with our TECNAM P2006 aircraft.

AIR MARINE carries out plastering missions. Its fleet of aircraft is suitable for missions called slow plaston. AIR MARINE also offers rapid breastplate solutions (type L39) with partners.
The experience of the former AIR MARINE military pilots allows insertion in complex devices.