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President’s Speech

« Dear,

I am delighted to announce the listening on the stock exchange of AIR MARINE.

Today we are at a historic turning point in our development with an ambitious strategic plan that should lead us to take the lead in the airline operations market.

So, I chose to open AIR MARINE to all investors, large or small, in order to strengthen our reputation in France and abroad and thus give us the financial means of our ambitions.

Created in 1991, AIR MARINE became in 25 years a leader of the air service as by plane as by drone. Our pilots and remote pilots perform aerial missions throughout the French territory with the ever-renewed confidence of our clientele of large public and private accounts.

AIR MARINE is recognized for the management of complex operations and the regularity of its efficiency. Our company deserves its first place in linear monitoring missions and enjoys a unique position in its market. It is thanks to its business model based on the complementary use of the aircraft and the drone that AIR MARINE gains its corporate aura of the air service.

At the dawn of the societal revolution that awaits us, AIR MARINE wants to transform its legitimacy into true leadership: – thanks to its aeronautical credibility, – thanks to your help, we want to win the challenge of the exponential growth that is announced on our air operations and sky control markets. It is indeed, within the airspace that the challenges of transport due to the demography of our century can be overcome.

I can assure you of our total commitment to the road map that we have set ourselves and I wish to thank you for your confidence in accompanying our future projects. »


Gilles Olichon
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer.

Stock Data

ISIN code FR0013285103
Mnémonic MLAIM
Trading Place Euronext Paris
Market Euronext Access
Eligible for PEA OUI
Eligible for PEA PME OUI
Number of titles 1 156 479 actions de 0,25 €
Rating type Fixing
1st quotation 11 décembre 2017



Calendar of forthcoming communications – Agenda 2018

Publication of 2017 annual results – END OF MARCH 2018

General Assembly – MID-JUNE 2018


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