Crew – Treatment

8 experienced pilots

The combination of civilian and ex-military profiles and significant levels of experience enable our company to fulfill the most complex and challenging tasks.
The significant volume of missions entrusted to AIR MARINE allows our “sailors” to maintain an exceptional level of training and qualifications. The team of pilots is decorated with 3 pilots instructors to ensure the formation of the partners who join the organization AIR MARINE.

Support team

Because the collection of aerial data only fulfills part of the mission, AIR MARINE dedicates own resources for the processing of data acquired during air missions with experts in geomatics, inspection and anomaly detection.

In addition, AIR MARINE can count on the support of all its administrative, accounting and commercial, IT staff to guarantee the overall quality of its services.

Experienced telepilots

The drone pilots rely on the company’s culture of conducting air operations. As for the airplane department, the composition of the teams is a balance between former military pilots and experts in the civilian world. This complementarity of experiences guarantees a successful planning and the conduct of operations safely.

Support team

AIR MARINE dedicates internal human resources for the processing of data acquired during air missions, including geomatics experts exclusively employed for this function.

AIR MARINE, in partnership with the computer engineering subsidiary “AERODRONES”, carries out R & D actions whenever a particular problem arises for the interfacing of heterogeneous systems.

AIR MARINE can count on the support of all its staff (administrative, accounting, commercial and IT) to ensure the follow-up and the listening of the customers.

Tél : 05 35 54 29 20

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